What doesn’t kill you Makes You Stronger

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. These words are usually credited to the acclaimed genius Albert Einstein.23 Mar 2017Author: Albert Einsteinhttps://quoteinvestigator.com › same

If the key to success is Learning how to use your thoughts to achieve better outcomes in life, what about if you Start by focusing only on solutions to your problems rather than focusing on the problems themselves? I am sure you agree that it’s a waste of time trying to solve your problems the old way. Ask yourself: did this way of thinking or doing things help me to fix the problems or did it make it even worse? If you just realised that your old way of dealing with a particular problem is actually making it even worse and crushing your self-esteem and confidence, would you agree that now is the time to do it differently? I am quite sure you do not want to waste your life making the same mistakes again and again.

Therefore Avoid Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again…

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the power of the Human mind. Sometimes life seems harder than we expected and we allow our problems to paralyse us. You are not alone, I have been there and so has everybody else on this beautiful planet. What helped me and is still helping me is knowing that what I think controls what I do.

Studies show that if we manage to control our thoughts, we will be able to control our feelings, and by controlling our feelings we will be able to control our emotions. It naturally follows that we will then be able to control the outcome of our lives. Studies also show that our Willingness to Learn and Implement new ways of doing things can improve our life dramatically. So do not be afraid of changing the way you think and do things in order to achieve a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Being aware and acknowledging the effect our thoughts have on our life, enables us to take charge of our own actions and decisions. It gives us a huge feeling of power and encourages us to find the strength and the new ways to help us in our personal and professional relationships. Then we are ready to make a difference by taking the necessary steps to improve our life.

Learning how to be passionate about simple things in my own life helped me build my self-confidence and made me believe that if others can improve their lives so can I. Gradually I took charge of my own decisions and actions. I became more determined to move on in life, regardless of how negative people around me were. A long time ago I decided that I would not allow other people’s envy or jealousy to interfere with my life or manipulate me any more. The results were amazing. Since then I have learned how to have fun on my journey of self-discovery and also stopped taking my life too seriously. And guess what! This new approach has helped me beyond my expectations!

For Practical help during these difficult times brought on by COVID-19

Ups and Downs are Part of Everybody’s Life

This amazing new new way of looking at life has helped me to Acknowledge that ups and downs are part of everybody’s life. It is not just happening to me, it is happening to everybody without exception. Even the queen has had extremely difficult moments and still has. The difference is that she is aware of this. And as soon as she realises it, she takes action to solve the problem. If she finds that she cannot solve it, she just accepts it and gets the right support so that she can carry on with her life and focus only on the problems that she can solve. Such a great example to follow!

Be open and Receptive to Embrace The New Outcome

Successful people never waste their precious energy trying to solve a problem that they know is impossible. I firmly believe that we all have what it takes to improve our lives, no matter what our present situation is. When life throws us a lemon, then we should make lemonade. Only by being able to open our minds can we be more receptive to learn how to transform life’s problems into something positive.

Be Fearless and Keep Moving Forward with your Life

But what if darkness knocks on our front door? Well, if that happens, we need to find a strong and supportive person who has had the same experience and can give us the boost we need. Then we can start feeling strong enough to improve whatever needs to be improved, and if necessary book an appointment with a relevant health specialist. Only then will we be able to take control of our lives with confidence and determination!

Is your life unfulfilled right now? If so, you are not alone! Please take it easy and do yourself a big favour: Do not get desperate. Be kind to yourself and others around you. I know it’s easier said than done. But if you can, please at least try to see your struggles as an opportunity for YOU to put into practice all that you have learned so far from your own experiences and from the others around you.

I personally find it very encouraging and motivating to read successful people’s biographies, because usually I find out that they actually had an even worse childhood than mine. Then I keep thinking: if they can transform their life and be very successful, what prevents me from improving mine and being successful too?

Keep learning new ways of improving your life and practice them on a daily basis. Allow yourself to make mistakes along the way. Be prepared to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Keep Practicing these improvements so that you can find out what you really want out of life. Believe me, I have experienced this on numerous occasions.

What matters is that In the end You will feel stronger than ever and ready to transform your life’s lemons into the most delicious lemonade you ever had. To encourage you to stop feeling miserable and emotionally paralysed so you can take the first step towards improving your life, I am sharing with you one of my favourite quotes: “I DO NOT HAVE TO BE GREAT TO GET STARTED, BUT I DO HAVE TO GET STARTED TO BE GREAT”!!! “Les Brown”

I certainly do not get it right all the time (no one does), but most of the time I make sure that I know the difference between what is in my reach and what isn’t. Therefore I avoid wasting my precious time and energy on things I cannot control and leave the rest to God. Guess what; Embracing this new and very powerful approach to life is helping me to become emotionally stronger than I used to be. So I am talking about something that I have been practicing for more than a decade and it always works!!!

Find the right support and encouragement to ignite your passion for life

Build Up the Life You Like to See Yourself In.

Life is too precious to be wasted and unfortunately we cannot bring the time back. What helped me change to a much more productive way of thinking and acting was to do exactly the opposite of what I used to do!!! (focusing on my problems made me emotionally paralysed and powerless) Only when I analysed my repetitive behaviour could I get a full and realistic picture. And ten years ago, when things seemed to be out of my control I hired a very nice life coach who helped me focus only on solutions and supported me with making the right moves. It motivated me to stay focused and grow as an individual so I could be open and put into practice what I have learned.

It empowered me to discard what wasn’t working anymore. Then I started to use the powerful tools that I was learning, and soon discovered what worked for me. My life improved dramatically but only after I started using the new tools and techniques that I was learning during my journey of self-discovery.

We all sometimes need somebody who can help and support us to turn our negative behaviour patterns into positive ones. Only then will we be able to successfully build up the life we like to see ourselves in.

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