Treat yourself with love, respect and consideration, then you can genuinely help others around you.

If you don’t love and respect yourself then you won’t be able to genuinely love and respect others around you. Then you can share your beautiful qualities with others. It is impossible to love your neighbor if you do not have love and respect for Yourself.

Why is it so important to learn how to treat yourself with love and self-respect?

As a Christian, I turned to the Bible but not fanatically. I imagined myself living at the time when Jesus was on earth, and analyzed in depth what Jesus really meant in Mark 12:31: “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”
For the first time I was able to deeply understand what Jesus wanted to teach us.
If Jesus wanted to say love your neighbor first and then love yourself
Jesus would say, love yourself as you love your neighbor.
But Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” Which clearly means that “unless you learn to love yourself first, you will never be able to love your neighbour”. Because you can give only what you have within you. Example: you cannot give your neighbour an orange if what you have is just pears.

Learn to say no or I can’t when you can’t or do not want to, and don’t worry about it.  Be kind to yourself. Simple as that, because no one can give someone what they don’t have. When we consider how to love our neighbours, sometimes we forget about the second part, which is loving ourselves. Self-love is a continuous process, and often a hard one.

Be Kind and Patient with yourself first, then you will be able to treat others the same way

I found that I needed to be much more patient with myself and treat myself with more love and self-respect. I also discovered that treating myself well is the foundation of my self-esteem, and because of my hard work in reconstructing my self-esteem, I could then create strong and healthy ties with all around me and my entire community. I ventured into my own journey of self-knowledge. I confess that at first everything seemed very strange, because I was used to treating others better than I treated myself, but gradually I began to get used to treating myself with a lot of love, respect, and consideration.

As a result, I realised that my love, respect, and consideration for my neighbours began to be much more genuine and this motivated me immensely during the process of self-knowledge. On the other hand I began to be more genuine, and this encouraged me to keep moving towards achieving my goals so I could bring much more purpose into my over 50s life –  and it is increasing more and more with each passing day! This discovery of mine helped me to be much more caring and respectful towards myself in order for me to genuinely treat others with the same amount of love, attention, respect and consideration, because I can only give what I have.

Throughout this process of self-discovery and self-awareness, I found that when my friends made mistakes, I was much more patient with them, and I was always ready to encourage them to never give up fulfilling their dreams; but when it came to myself, I was totally demoralized.  When it came to technology, I was so afraid of failure that fear paralyzed me and prevented me from even trying, let alone learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.

For the first time in my entire life, I was able to really understand what Jesus wanted to teach us. I was also able to understand why Jesus persisted in teaching us to love our enemies. In fact, Jesus wanted to teach us to become our own best friend, then we would be able to become someone else’s best friend. If we hate our enemies, we are the ones who will be living a life full of stress and anxiety, but if we love our enemies and constantly treat them as we would like to be treated then “our reward will be great”.

Be strong and Keep Improving Your Life !!             

I strongly believe that we all are doing our best, with whatever knowledge we have, even our enemies are doing their best according to the knowledge they have at that moment. This will motivate us to act more positively towards our enemies, instead of “lighting the fire of hate”. (We will be able to respond to our enemies positively, instead of reacting to what they say or do against us).

We all have a lot to learn if we follow Jesus’ teachings, because it will enable us to sleep better, be happier, enjoy our life and be grateful for everything we have. Then we will view life’s hardships as opportunities to grow and improve, using it as fuel to move towards our goals in life. Sometimes our enemies will make us feel powerless, but when we respond in a positive way instead of reacting, our hardships become much easier to deal with, because hate breeds hate, and if the hate is not reciprocated then the enemy’s fire goes out. or he finds someone else to hate, and you will stay off your enemies’ radar! As soon as I decided to put this into practice my life became much more meaningful and fulfilled.

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