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Self-Awareness and Its Importance in your Life’s Outcomes

Life today is still filled with harsh realities and problems. What can help you to make the most of life today? Are you tired of trying to improve some areas of your life but no matter how hard you work, it seems like you are going in circles, getting the same results over and over again? I have been there; I feel your pain! The key to changing this vicious pattern of life is to learn to be more aware of what fuels your emotions and behaviours. So, you can manage your life’s outcomes by organising your thoughts wisely. Self-awareness will lead you to a much more proactive and productive action because it has the power of making you aware of why you seem to be on automatic pilot almost 24/7. If you realise this is happening to you, please do not be too harsh on yourself, (We all sometimes tend to be on automatic pilot 24/7, even without realising it), No worries, you are not alone.

Keep Moving Forward and Make Positive Changes

If you are on automatic pilot or autopilot, you are acting without thinking about what you are doing, usually because you have done it many times before. One of the ways you get stuck on autopilot is by feeling like you should always be moving forward. …When it happens, instead of just continuing to move forward, perhaps it is the right time for you to stop, ponder and meditate. Self-awareness: Get to know how your beliefs are limiting you.  It’s the first step to making any type of positive change. It will help you overcome your fears and former negative self-talk. Nowadays we talk so much about limiting beliefs, but not all of us know exactly what that is. So, I am explaining it as simply as I possibly can to make sure that all my readers understand it fully. Limiting beliefs are the state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way. Everyone experiences limiting beliefs but learning how to identify them can help you proactively prevent these beliefs from limiting you. You cannot identify your limiting beliefs without practicing self-awareness. So, again, Self-awareness is the foundation to any positive changes in your life.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are: “Bad things always happen to me”, “I’m not good at speaking to people” “All my relationships are painful”, “I’d never make a good leader” or “I could never start my own business”. Limiting beliefs are simply assumptions about your reality that come from your perceptions of life experiences. The most common limiting beliefs are: “I am not good enough”, “I am not pretty or thin enough”, “I am too old or I am too young”, “I am not smart enough or don’t know enough”, “I don’t have enough time” “I don’t have enough money”, “No one will listen to me, or care about what I have to say”, “I can’t be my real self or I’ll be judged”, or English isn’t my first language”.

The last one truly resonates with me because English isn’t my first language and sometimes, I unfortunately find myself trapped in that limiting belief. But as soon as I become aware of it, I start working on it, and I no longer allow it to stop me from achieving my objectives in life, such as sharing my knowledge as a confidence Boosting Life Coach with my Coaching Clients around the world. I am privileged to be able to speak two languages – Portuguese and English – and it makes me very happy and appreciative. So instead of seeing it as an obstacle, I see it as a great opportunity to expand my Coaching Business, because we have so many English-speaking countries and more than six countries around the world have Portuguese as their main language. So, it’s a plus🥳 Reflection-look back at what you’ve achieved. Celebration-Acknowledge every win….


The Power of Being Aware of Our Behaviour Patterns

Just as you cannot help anyone change his behaviour patterns without first getting to know them, you cannot help yourself if you are constantly on automatic pilot. To help yourself release that negative self-talk and behaviour you must at least be willing to get to know your inner driver; by inner driver I mean what fuels or makes you overthink, overeat, overspend, judge yourself and others, etc… Spend some quality time observing your behaviour in silence to learn more about yourself and your own limiting beliefs. As mentioned before, It will help you overcome your fears and old negative self-talk. Be free from your limiting beliefs so you can Perform at your highest level! Bring your life in line with what you are learning in this article, and you will never go back to your old self.

When others appreciate our efforts, we feel a warm glow of satisfaction, and this takes our mind off our problems. We can make our life better by helping others to make their life better too. Do things together. Why not plan to treat yourself as you treat others?

Self awareness is the foundation for any sort of improvement! Sometimes we do things without thinking, then when things go wrong we ask ourselves: why did I do that? Why did I say that?… When situations like this occur, that is when we realise that we weren’t thinking properly; perhaps we just reacted to whatever was happening around us (no wonder we didn’t like the outcome). Practice more Self-awareness and sooner than you realise your behaviour patterns will change and consequently your results will be more in line with the ones you always wanted. Actually when you are aware of your behaviour patterns, things tend to happen naturally and more smoothly. There is no need to be too worried about your thoughts.

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The aim of this article is to make your life easier and help you to achieve the end results that you always wanted to have in your life. So, when you realise that you are having the same old results, ask yourself: what was I thinking at that moment? How can I shift that thought into a positive version of the same thought? Was I reacting instead of responding to the situation? When you feel confused, maybe it’s the right time for you to say: let me think about it and I will get in touch to let you know my decision. But if the issue here is whether you buy something that you really do not need right now, you can use the same approach, but this time the conversation would be between you and your inner self. You can say to yourself let’s sleep on it, and if next week we still believe it is the right thing to buy, we can make a list of the pros and the cons.

Take Time To Know Yourself Better

Then you can give yourself another week or so to think more deeply about the advantages and the disadvantages of pursuing it. You will be surprised how effective this method is. It is still working for me, and my clients are also having very positive outcomes implementing this tool. Express your love to yourself and others. A warm smile, a loving embrace, or a small gift can do much to strengthen any kind of relationship. Let your way of life be free of the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

First of all, this new approach is simple to implement (Self-Awareness Practice) and gives you time to think deeply before you give your word or buy anything that you may not actually need. It also makes you more aware of who you really are (without judging yourself) and helps you to get rid of the pleaser side of yours (we all have to work on it sometimes). You will treasure your words more because you will cultivate the useful habit of thinking before speaking or making promises????, and you’ll spend your time more wisely also. You will be able to stop saying yes to anything or anyone if that yes means a big NO to yourself. You will feel more in control of how to spend your money, because you will stop buying things that you may regret in the near future.

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Self-awareness will make you more aware of how unnecessary that thing is for you right now, and it encourages you to start appreciating more what you say, buy, have or feel, because you are now aware of your “inner drivers”. You can always change the outcomes if you are not happy with them. You are not a slave to your outcomes, and you can always change them for the better because you now know how powerful you are and how capable you can be. But if you are not aware of why you do things, you cannot make a change to improve. Instead, you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of powerlessness. And It is totally opposite to Awareness. Awareness makes you feel deeply empowered and in charge of your life, because it puts you in the driving seat.

Awareness Is Power

Bear in mind that you are the most important person in your life. Nothing else would make any sense to you at all if you didn’t exist. It’s your own existence that makes you aware of things around you. Using the power of awareness brings you Self-respect and gives you back your dignity. In line with this reasoning, practice appreciating yourself and let your words and actions be meaningful. It will seem very hard at the beginning, but just keep doing your best anyhow. Trust me, it is definitely much easier than you think. Practice makes perfect. In this case, it will transform you into an expert on Self-awareness. As time passes you will notice the positive impact it has on your life, and it all happened because you took the wise decision of reading this article and learning more about how to use more self-awareness to obtain a better outcome.

Be proud of yourself. When You accomplish things, go to a private place and look at the man/woman in the mirror and say a big thank you for being so determined and disciplined to achieve whatever you had achieved, then look at your eyes with love and appreciation and say a big thank you to your inner self and tell him/her how deeply proud you are. This approach protects you from disappointment if nobody around you notices your achievements. Even if they react in a jealous way, you could not care less because you already done the job of praising yourself. The message your brain receives is: I am enough.

It would be nice if others noticed my efforts to become a better person, but it won’t prevent me from feeling as happy as I can within myself so I can share what I have inside and my appreciation (Love) with anyone around me.  Because I matter, and when I matter others matter too. I always try to do to myself what I want people to do to me and treat people as I would like to be treated, but if I do not receive anything in return, it doesn’t matter. When things get difficult, I keep in mind that Jesus cured 10 people but only one came back to say thank you; so as I am not better than Jesus, I do not expect people to be more appreciative to me than they were to him.

One thing that may help you at the beginning of this journey is to Wake up a bit earlier and take five minutes to focus on how you like your day to proceed, set your intentions for the day, and appreciate your bed and be grateful for the good night’s sleep. If you are married or have a partner, let him or her know how much you love them. Even if you feel like you actually do not love them anymore, you can always let them know how much you appreciated something positive that they did for you – even a little thing, such as not arguing or bringing the weekly shopping. I am sure you will find something positive they did for you, such as providing money to pay the bills…. At the beginning of every day make sure that you do at least two or three very small things that you really enjoy doing. Remember: 

A joyful heart is the best medicine you could ever have, and it has the power to help you cope with unwanted surprises throughout the day. Be appreciative. If we dwell on our afflictions, “all the days” will appear bad. Instead, “show yourselves thankful”. Learn to appreciate the good things in life, however small – a gentle breeze, the smile of a loved one, a beautiful sunrising or sunset.  These things can enrich our life.   

Face Your Greatest Fears

To be happy, you need to be able to embrace the worst in life. You cannot separate the good from the bad because they are linked. So, you must be brave and wise enough to face your greatest fears. Suppose your greatest fear is that you may never be happy, and if you get happy that happiness would be taken away. Well, if that is the case, the only way to find happiness is to accept what it is, because accepting yourself for what you are and simply do the best you can, leads to an emotionally relaxing mood.

When you are relaxed, you tend to have more clarity of mind, which will enable you to take the initial steps towards achieving your goals. When a part of you has been repressed for a long time, you may be unduly worried about what might happen. Let that part of yourself be free and you will be surprised. The power does not lie elsewhere but within Yourself. The key is Learning how to deal with your own emotions and your self-trust will increase dramatically! Believe in yourself.

Be fully engaged in these activities to the best of your ability. When we take these steps, God will push us forward through waves of trials and will help us to endure. One way you can make your life more meaningful is by practicing what you are learning now.

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