I would love to share a poem by Rumi. He is one of my favourite poets.

When someone beats a rug with a stick, he is not beating the rug – his aim is to get rid of the dust. Your inward is full of dust from the veil of ‘I’-ness, and that dust will not leave all at once. With every cruelty and every blow, it departs little by little from the heart’s face, sometimes in sleep and sometimes in wakefulness”.

Make the most of Your life today, and be able to dig deeper and find the reasons for your behaviour patterns. Be aware of them but do not judge yourself, just observe your own behaviour and find out what is triggering them. Stop repressing your emotions or going that extra mile to keep things organised. Remember: family and good friends much prefer a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere to having everything well organised and no emotional connection or joy at all. Not letting our true emotions come out makes us pretend we are happy!!! Ask yourself: If I could free the suppressed part of me right now, what would I do to be happy? For Example: What would happen if I just free myself and dance in the rain?

What would that do for me? Would it make me happy, make me feel free? (LIFE)?

If it makes me happy, what is stopping me from doing it then? Practicing what you are learning in this article will help you to see (clearly) the reason why you wake up every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror. See your life’s challenges as a great opportunity for you to grow as an individual. Be willing to learn from your mistakes. We all make mistakes, even the Queen. But Make Sure each day you do one thing Better Than the day before.

Your willingness for self-development is showing that You are on the right path; just keep moving forward no matter what. Be open- minded and keep learning new avenues to success. It’s time to start to see life from another perspective because it can only get better. Next time you look in a mirror, try to see an incredible, funny, smart individual, who has no idea just how extraordinary and unique he is. Believe that is what you really are. You couldn’t see it before, because you were just too busy overthinking about your problems instead of focusing on The Solutions. It’s never too late to say a big YES to Life. “Show yourself thankful.” give “thanks for everything” and life will smile with you….

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Be Grateful and Have a Balanced View of Yourself

Be fully engaged in these simple activities to the best of your ability. When we take these steps, God will push us forward through waves of trials and will help us to endure. One way you can make your life more meaningful is by practicing what you are learning now.

One solid reason for us to cultivate a grateful spirit is that it can contribute to a positive view of ourselves. A person who is thankful is likely inclined to feel good about himself, and the one who receives the thanks feels good too. It’s what we wisely call: a Win-Win Situation! Why does gratitude have such a positive effect on our lives?

It is especially appropriate to be grateful to God. No doubt, you have at times thought about the many spiritual and physical gifts he has provided and continues to provide. But rather than give God’s goodness just a brief thought, why not take some time to ponder the many blessings that God has poured out on you and your loved ones. Meditating on your Creator’s generosity will intensify your appreciation for life and reinforce your sense of how much God loves and appreciates you. It has been said that “the expression of gratitude contributes in an important way to human happiness.”

Gratitude Draws People Closer Together

Another reason why gratitude is good for you is that it strengthens friendship. All of us need to feel appreciated. When you sincerely thank another person for a kind act, the two of you are drawn closer to each other. Furthermore, grateful people are more likely to be helpful people. They notice kindnesses expressed to them and feel moved to be kind in return.

Yes, helping others leads to happiness. It is just as Jesus said: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” -Acts 20:35. Robert Emmons, co-director of a University of California study project on gratitude, made this point: “Seeing with grateful eyes requires that we alternate between being givers and receivers.” The fact is that our lives are sustained and supported by others in many ways. For example, they may provide our food or give us medical attention. The grateful person clearly appreciates what others do for him. That being so, have you made it a habit to express gratitude for what others do for you? Gratitude has the power of changing your outlook on life.

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Gratitude Keeps You Focused on The Positive Side of Life

Another reason to cultivate gratitude is that being thankful helps you to focus on the positive rather than on the negative. In a sense, your mind works like a filter. It allows you to concentrate on certain aspects of your surroundings while blocking out other aspects. You tend to see positive things and pay less attention to problems. The more grateful you are, the better you can see, which in turn makes you even more grateful. Having a grateful perspective on life will help you to live more joyfully. You will find that gratitude tends to neutralise negativity. It is hard to feel grateful and at the same time feel envious, sad, or resentful? Grateful people appreciate more what they have. Keep your life as simple as you possibly can. Make a plan and give yourself a deadline. Keep a written note of all of your positive and negative habits that you identified in yourself. Write down what you believe could help you change your behaviour patterns (negative habits) that you identified in yourself.

Deal with one habit at a time… So, you do not feel overwhelmed. Begin with small steps and start always with the end in mind. Starting with small steps keeps you motivated. Be aware of your inner motivations and be sure they’re strong. Remember: You are much more capable than you think. Your inner power is powerful beyond your imagination. If others can succeed so do you!!! And It’s never too late to start Boosting Your Self-Confidence. Stand up for Yourself TODAY by taking the first small steps right now and be determinate to change your life for better, no matter what. Let your Better-Self shine. I believe in You, the Key questions is: Do You Believe in Yourself? Hope this article is already helping you moving forward. Please leave your comments below.

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