Isabel Life Coaching Give yourself permission to feel big emotions

Give yourself permission to feel big emotions

It is OK to feel big emotions, it’s OK to feel angry when someone upsets you, it’s OK to feel sad and grieve when we lose someone we love. It’s OK to be joyful, It’s OK to feel scared, and yes, it’s also OK to feel anxious, relieved, excited or apprehensive.

Emotions are part of our DNA

As humans, we all at some point in our lives must face and experience the feelings mentioned above, sometimes individually and sometimes all at once. They are part of our lives and DNA. Sometimes we feel elated and other times we feel down. Guess what, it is what we call life! In order to have good and balanced mental health, we must give room for our so-called negative feelings because they are part of our lives just as much as the positive ones are. The Bible says that there is time for everything in life, a time to cry and a time to laugh and I totally agree.

It is OK to let it all show, there is no need to be ashamed of our feelings. We must give ourselves permission to cry if we feel the need to cry because sitting on our feelings is a very unhealthy idea as they only get squashed that way. We must learn how to deal with them and only then we will be ready to get on with our lives.

Do not worry too much about what others may think if you show your emotions

We must not keep a lid on our feelings or worry too much about what others will think of us if we show everything we feel. We may be concerned that people will feel we are weak or out of control just because we show our emotions. However, by suppressing them we will feel depressed and know that we are not being ourselves. We are not allowing ourselves something we clearly need to show or feel. Feeling emotions is not undignified unless we express it inappropriately or at the wrong time. It is a natural reaction that needs to be felt and experienced in its entirety.

In line with the

book entitled ‘The rules of life,’ (An international bestseller by Richard Templar) sometimes even getting angry is totally appropriate – if we remain in control and don’t do anything we might regret later. Getting angry reminds people that we aren’t a pushover and that they have hurt/offended/threatened us deeply and seriously and that their actions have caused us great pain. Of course, we shouldn’t become angry over silly things – instead we choose to show anger only when it is needed and needed seriously. Likewise, it is not advantageous to become angry and take it out on innocent people – if you can’t express anger appropriately, then you need to find a way of letting it out that isn’t going to hurt anybody else. But let it out you must. Bottled anger eats away at you.

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel a variety of emotions

It’s not just anger that shouldn’t be permanently restrained. Neither should fear or anxiety or great joy or any of the other emotions. Just because we are feeling big emotions doesn’t mean we are out of control. We can be quite emotional and still be in charge of what we are expressing. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel a variety of emotions, it is natural. It is within your control to show them and let them out at an appropriate time and place, but do not measure them or put limits on them. If you do react badly to something, you can always feel guilty about it afterwards – and that’s OK too, if you work on it. Feeling guilty is appropriate when you have a reason to feel so, but it must not last forever as feeling guilty for long time causes depression. It is more than OK to feel guilty for a while then you can find the way to genuinely say sorry to yourself or others. Once you have done this let the guilt go.

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  1. Brilliant article! Very wise. If done properly this advice will help so many of us to feel more relaxed and confident in who we are, and maybe will also go a long way to helping us accept others. Thank you, Isabel

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