Find a Way to Enjoy Life despite the turbulent times

Yes, it’s a fact that we are missing our former way of life. Some of us miss travelling abroad, but we have come to realise that we are even more adaptable than we ever thought we were. Thank God for that!! Fortunately we are finding new ways to cope with this new way of life, and even managing to enjoy life!

Not only are we adaptable but also much more creative than we thought. We are sociable creatures too. For our own mental well-being, we must Make Sure that we stay connected with our friends through video chats, phone calls, or e-mail and text messages. Reach out to friends when you are having a bad day, and regularly check in to see how they are doing. Exchange tips on what is helping you cope with the recent news.

Find a Way to Enjoy Life despite the turbulent times in which we are living due to the Ukrainian war and Covid-19.

What helped me at the beginning of the pandemic, when we couldn’t even leave our homes, were the weekly scheduled Zoom meetings with my children, close friends, and relatives who live abroad. We had long chats and even cooked together and exchanged recipes.

Our tables were set nicely just as “if we were in a very fine restaurant”. We chatted while eating our delicious dinners together, “virtually” of course. I even organised a “weekly Portuguese lesson” over Zoom with a small group of English friends who always wanted to learn Portuguese but didn’t have enough time before lock-down.

Be Creative

Some friends of mine organised online groups doing art, home decoration and growing organic vegetables and herbs. We really had fun, supported and encouraged each other during those critical times by spending a great deal of quality time together.

Find ways to do something kind for a friend or neighbour, and you will make a bad day feel better.

Remember: You are not alone, we are all struggling with something, and by sharing our own experiences, we are actually encouraging others to keep going. Find ways to do something kind for a friend or neighbour, and you will make a bad day feel better. If you are married or live with your children, friends, or relatives, you can take advantage of these critical times to spend more time together.

We must Prepare and support each other for future crises. By learning to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you can deepen your love for each other and boost each other’s self-confidence at the same time.

Jesus once said that there is more happiness in giving than receiving – and that is so true, especially during these turbulent times. We all find ways to keep helping each other and that is really amazing. When you make a difference in someone’s life “even if it was only making them laugh” it tends to make you feel happier as well as them.

The pandemic has made life a bit harder for those who live alone or very far from family and friends. Plan in advance to meet each other not only via video calls but also getting together one-on-one, always following the guidelines from the government of the country where you live for your own safety and for the safety of those you meet.

Take advantage of these provisions but keep in mind that Covid-19 is still here. Therefore it is very important to keep the groups as small as you possibly can, and continue to practice safe distancing. Make sure there is good ventilation, or if not, meet them in a nice park so you do not have to worry so much about that.

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