Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

We all at times feel the need to blend in, to become one of the crowd. We all want to be acknowledged in our own unique way and to feel a sense of belonging. 

Being original, creative or different can make us think we stand out too much and will be rejected. However, truly successful people cannot be ignored, instead, they become pack leaders. Sometimes originality scares others, it is not always popular to swim against the norm or what is popular or accepted.  Nevertheless, if you are kind, thoughtful, and respectful you will be loved and accepted by people. In addition, if you are also original in your thinking you will be respected and admired.

Uncloud Your Thoughts and Have Well-Rounded and Balanced Opinions.

In order for you to be sure of who you are and how you feel you need to uncloud your thoughts. There is no point in thinking for yourself if it is all muddled and hazy. For example, a person can be considered as very knowledgeable and astute due to following the news reports they watch regularly. They may be well informed about current affairs relying on a certain news channel for information. However, they may not then see how predictable their views are as they are so used to basing their views on what they hear and watch on TV. We have to be wary of basing all our opinions solely on one source of information. One of the best ways of improving our views and understanding is by forming the habit of reading different books and reports on a subject. We will then be able to form opinions that are more well-rounded and balance.

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As a result, people will trust you more as they know that it is your habit to be curious and investigate subjects before deciding how you feel about them. At times people will even come to you for advice because they trust your opinions. This will boost your self-respect and self-trust too. Practice listening attentively to other’s opinions, you will then have a more mature understanding of something before you voice your views.

Embrace Your Uniqueness and let it shine!!!

Do not be afraid of letting your uniqueness and creative talents shine. Practice self-kindness as it not only increases your own self-respect but also encourages you to be more kind to others when they make mistakes too. We are all aware that nobody is perfect, but we need to put that awareness into practise starting with ourselves. Therefore, be kind to yourself because being kind to yourself is the power of acceptance and growth. It promotes happiness and also confidence. You must never forget that how you treat yourself sets the tone for how others will treat you. Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes, we all at some point in our lives make mistakes, small and big. See your mistakes as an opportunity to grow and genuinely say sorry to yourself and others when it is required. Trying to pretend nothing has happened when we make a mistake means we are deceiving ourselves and it decreases the level of respect we have for ourselves and others have for us.

Ensure that each day you take the time to learn something about yourself so that you can correct what you need too in order to become the best version of yourself each day. You do not need to work very hard, just allow yourself to make mistakes and correct them when needed. Doing this will mean you move forward so you can fall forward and not backwards. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and grow as a person!

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  1. Tammy Mendez

    Isabel provides useful, practical tools for everyday living. Everyone can use her easy to follow examples, to lead a more fulfilled life.

  2. Really enjoyed this article, very practical! Thank you Isabel, looking forward to the next one.

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