Be Your Best Friend and Start Your Self-Reinvention Today!

Make Sure that every day you are better than the day before, and hold yourself accountable for your decisions and actions. Remember: what counts here is quality not quantity. Even if you are improving just a tiny bit each day compared to the previous day, it means that you are progressing towards the Best Version of Yourself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. ‘Be kind and patient to yourself’. Treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend

Be kind and patient to yourself when you are frustrated. We all have ups and downs; it’s what Les Brown calls ‘Life’. The difference is Successful people do not allow themselves to remain frustrated for long. It’s Ok to feel frustrated sometimes. Being aware of your feelings and emotions is actually healthy.

As soon as they can, successful people start focusing on solutions and avoiding spending too much time focusing on the problem. They stick to their decisions no matter what, and sooner than they realise they are back to a “Yes I Can” frame of mind. When possible, spend more time doing what you love, with whom you love, and make sure you enjoy it. Then gradually you will become your best self.

Spend More Time With People who Value and Respect You!

Avoid spending time with negative people ‘at all costs’. Never share your plans with negative people, because they drain you of all your energy – I know what I am talking about! I have been there so many times. It took me many years to figure it out and I finally learned the lesson!

Keep your focus only on solutions, do not waste your precious time and energy ruminating about your problems

Take time to read other people’s success stories and books that include guidance on self-improvement. The more you fill your head with positive thoughts the more likely you are to act accordingly. Give yourself permission to fail. Be kind to yourself, just as kind as you would be to your best friend. See your mistakes as a great opportunity to learn and grow towards the best version of Yourself, and learn from your mistakes and from others’ mistakes too.

Be Your Best Friend

Start by taking small steps

You will begin to feel less anxious or stressed. Taking small steps each day helps to minimise frustration, anxiety, and stress. Spend some quality time alone and Ask Yourself the Following four questions:

1- Is fear of failure preventing me from taking action?

2- What has fear cost me in the past?

3- What will fear prevent me from Doing in the future?

4- Five months from now, where do I see myself?

  • Doing what?  
  • Feeling what?
  • Thinking what?

Write down Your answers, the date and the time that you answered the questions

Once you have answered the questions, write down your answers (your answers must come from your heart) so you can revisit them every month, to compare and to track your progress.

Practice the guidelines in this article to take your Life to the Next Level

Five months from now, you can revisit your answers and if there’s anything that you are still struggling to implement, ask yourself these four questions:

What prevented me from Achieving that goal?

What do I need to change to achieve it?

Do I need to implement new strategies in order to get it done?

Is this really my goal or someone else’s dream?

Start your Self-Reinvention today!

If you realise that this is not your goal but someone else’s, then replace it with your own goal and try again.Your success will depend mostly on your ability to create a solid and workable Life Plan, and adapt it to YOUR lifestyle. But the outcome will be influenced by your personal motivation: your determination, your willingness and your desire to have a better life in all aspects. Just because you have a good job does not mean you have a good life. Your mental and physical health and the quality of your relationships with family and friends has to be balanced too. Then you can truly say you have an healthy and well balanced life.

Take Charge of Your Life

Researchers say that the more enthusiasm you have for your project, the easier it will be for you to put in the long hours needed to make it work, and the easier it will be for you to attract the right people or helpers, when you need them. In line with many people’s experience, you need to show passion and enthusiasm for your Life Project on a daily basis in order to produce the results you desire!!!

Sometimes you have to pretend until your brain gets used to it. The Human Brain cannot tell the difference between when you really believe you can do things or if you are just convincing yourself. Be aware of Your Personal Motivation and make a list of all the good things you already have in your life.

You will be amazed at the number of good things (blessings) you already have and you can add gratitude to the list. If you find that difficult, you can start by being grateful for the fact that you are still alive and able to read this article, in spite of so many people passing away with Covid all over the world.

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To Your Best-Self,

Isabel Silva

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