Be Brave Enough to Dream

Don’t be afraid to dream, they are your dreams after all. If you live your life too seriously you are missing out on the most important things in life, and the most important things sometimes are the simplest things. 

When you take life too seriously you may be blind to the beautiful little things we experience as humans every day, in other words, you miss out on life itself. If you have lost the ability to dream it’s time to reignite those old desires and aspirations (for your own sake) so that you can regain your appetite for life.

Dreams exist for a purpose

What is life without a dream? A fulfilled life is full of dreams and dreams exist for a purpose; their purpose is to balance our lives. Everything in life must be in equilibrium so that we can all have a worthwhile and full life. As we all know everything in life has to be in the right balance, otherwise, life can be empty and without any meaning. A life without dreams is a recipe for depression and frustrations! Dreaming is a beneficial and useful tool to avoid negative thoughts overcrowding our minds. However, we must make sure that we are not confusing dreams with a plan of action! There should be no limit to our dreams. Plans must be realistic, dreams do not!

The point is that people put limits on their dreams in the same way they will restrict themselves. And yet dreams are at worst harmless, don’t limit them! You can dream as high, as wide, as big, as extravagant, as impossible, as wacky, as silly, as bizarre, as unrealistically, or nonsensical as you want. They are your dreams, so you have no rules!

You are Free to Dream as much and as often as you wish!!!

There are no wish police or dream doctors, so you are free to dream as much and as often as you wish!!! You are free to wish for anything you want; wishes and dreams are all private affairs. There are no wish police or dream doctors who are on the hunt for anyone who thinks of anything unconventionally!  The beauty of our thoughts is they are just that, ours alone and we can choose to share them with whomever we wish. 

The only note of caution here is to be very careful of what you do wish for or what you dream of because it may just come true!

Many people inherently feel their dreams must be realistic to be worth dreaming about. But that’s a plan and that is something quite different. We must take logical steps to make them come to fruition. Dreams can be so improbable that they are never likely to come true. “That’s the reason why we call it to dream.” We are governed by so many laws in life, and they are there for a reason however dreams allow us necessary escapism. They allow our minds to be creative and explore.

Never feel that you won’t achieve anything by sitting around daydreaming. Some of the most successful people have also been those who have dared to dream the most. Those who allow their minds the freedom to dream are often the most creative and interesting people.

A life full of dreams is a healthy and well-balanced life

A life without dreams does not give you the inner peace and sense of fulfillment that you need to strengthen your resilience to face the adversities in life. Constraining your mind is like constraining your own physical body. We need to move for our health and wellbeing, our mind also needs to be allowed the freedom to exercise by dreaming and exploring all sorts of thoughts.

Discover your gifts, identify your own personal priorities as well as your families. Focus on your strengths and on your talents. Do what you enjoy most. Christopher Howard, an incredible motivational speaker used to say, “If a thing is humanly possible, consider it in your reach.” As humans, we all were made from the same material. Avoid anyone or anything that gives you little encouragement in life. 

Ensure that every day you remain focused on your dreams, whatever they may be. I see our brain as an amazing gift from God and I strongly believe we all have a natural ‘Sat Nav’ or GPS that we may just need to retune at times to ensure we are on the path we want to be, and we have chosen. You must allow yourself to dream and tell the negative voices inside your head to sit down and shut up!

To be a good golfer or sportsman one must focus on a clear target. The same is true of our thinking, enhancing our focus enables us to know and clarify our goals and to achieve them.

None of us will achieve real success by being like everyone else or following the norm, I have learned this from my own experience. My ideas and goals have far more clarity now as I focused on what I truly wanted. I know with certainty I want to be a Life Coach to help both myself and others. How can we ever truly assist others if we cannot even help ourselves and stay focused our own goals?

Only by being able to focus on our goals are we then able to help others because we will be able to relate to them and have the stability needed to support them. It is a practice we must keep daily as the negative voices inside our minds are always ready to convince us that we cannot achieve our goals as we feel they are too difficult or wonder what others may think.

Only by Being Emotionally Stable you will be able to Have some Clarity Of Mind

We need to adopt a can-do attitude regardless of those negative voices inside our heads or what people may say around us. These individuals may be well-intentioned and genuinely care for us. However, at times others may be threatened by us and our goals and fear losing us. Do not let their fears hold you back.

You must ask yourself whether you are giving up on your dreams just to please others. Never prevent yourself from doing what you want to do, it only leads to resentment. You must remember that life is too short to be wasted on people who do not support your personal growth.

Let’s Do All We Can to Make Our Lives Worth Living as a form of gratitude

Life is a precious gift, let’s do all we can to make our lives worth living as a form of gratitude for such an amazing gift. Suppose that today is your last day and God asks you what did you do with the precious life that he gave to you? Would your answer be: You couldn’t have a life with meaning or achieve your goals because you were afraid others around you would feel offended or insecure if you grew as a person to help yourself and others? Imagine you were given a precious diamond, would you throw it in the bin, if you did, how would the one who gave you the diamond feel?

I feel life is far more precious than all diamonds in the world but sadly we may squander our life by not working hard enough on our own personal growth. We must take every opportunity to improve our lives and minds by doing the hard work now! The only way to achieve your goals is to keep focused, no matter what problems you are facing right now. Focus enables our ideas to become clearer and clearer. The immature mind jumps from one thing to another, but the mature mind seeks to follow through on those dreams that will then become a reality.

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