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Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Be careful with what you say. Do not allow your emotions dictate what you say or do. The good old habit of thinking before you say things can save you relationships. Thinking before you say or do anything gives you the power of responding rather than reacting to the situations. And in the long term it will help you live a life with less regrets. Control your speech because You may regret later. Be wise enough to think before you say important things.

Your Words Come out From Your Heart

The art of Controlling our speech is what dictates the quality of our relationships. Whatever comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. Our speech reveals a lot about who we really are on the inside. So, ask yourself: Do I reply in a calm manner when someone upsets me? You will find it helpful to reflect on this question. Your speech might be likened to seams in a garment. If you try your best to remove abusive, lying, and immoral speech from your conversation, gradually you will find easier to strip off your old personality.

You need to kill off attitudes and practices that are preventing you from improving the quality of your life. Remember that the quality of your speech defines the quality of your relationships. You need to strip off your old negative-self and keep it away from your behavioural patterns. Fuel your willingness to overcome deeply entrenched bad habits for you to improve the quality of your relationships. If you are struggling with overcoming challenges, nothing better than practicing good habits daily. Practice will make you emotionally stronger. But be prepared; Do not be surprised if some of your closest friends and family start to laugh at you while you are trying to make positive changes to your personality.

Learn to Use Your Mind Correctly

Repetitive Negative Thoughts can prevent you from growing as an individual.

See the quality of your relationships improving dramatically. Most times we live in a world full of fear. The cost of this fear can be anxiety, depression, and repetitive negative thoughts, which can be dangerous to our general health and well-being. Thereby making us ending up with external factors like painkillers, medications, and therapy.

And for this very reason, it is primordial to learn how to manage your mind. Managing your Mind is the key to Mental Peace that sustains us through happy and sad times. If you do not manage your mind, others will do it for you. And gradually you will end up allowing them to manipulate you. Remember: God gave You the Free Will, so you are responsible for the contents in mind. Do not give your power away by allowing others to manipulate you. If you do not equip yourself well enough to be able to manage your mind, your mind will be manipulated by anyone around you or even by your favourite tv programs.

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Negative thinking has the power to make you feel blue about the world, about yourself, about the future. It encourages low self-worth. It gives you the sense that you are not effective in the world. Psychologists link negative thinking to depression, anxiety, chronic worry, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Negative Thinking can cause or worsen depression, anxiety and so many other mental health disorders. Breaking a cycle of negative thinking can make you feel overwhelmed, but it’s worth it.

You Deserve The Best

When things get harder Remember: You deserve the best, just be strong, keep learning and implementing new tools to develop your mental skills. Do all you can to replace your negative thoughts with positive, constructive, and proactive thoughts. Be wise and claim the command of your mind. But you have a little problem here: You cannot get rid of a negative though if you do not have an equivalent positive thought to replace it.

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Reading suggestions: This book is very easy to read and includes some simple Study Exercises. Hope you manage to read it.

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