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What Can You Expect from me


I will always be honest with you so that you can trust me as your life coach. I will communicate clearly with you so that you are never in any doubt about how you can move forward.


I don't have to have experienced exactly the same things as you to be empathetic. It is integral to me as a coach that you feel heard and understood as my client.


Everyone in the world is different with their own unique opinions and feelings. I respect the right every individual has to have their own mind on matters. The world is a better place for the variety of people in it. I will never make you feel ashamed of who you are.


As a coach I support my clients on their individual journeys. They are the leaders, and I am just assisting them along the way.


I am a very good listener and ensure all my clients feel heard. To progress it is essential we all feel understood.


I will not expect any client to progress according to a preconceived timescale. Change takes time and it should not be rushed. I will be here as long as you need me.

My journey to becoming a life coach

For more than twenty years I worked as a hairdresser and beautician. I loved this role but what brought me true joy was talking to my clients. They seemed to feel comfortable with me and would open up to me about all of their personal concerns and problems. As I have always had an interest in self-help, I would relate to them what had helped me personally. Unknowingly I was coaching them through their problems! Witnessing them have success, personally or professionally, gave me real happiness.

I was in an abusive marriage and went through a traumatic divorce which emotionally affected me, I became very depressed and I struggled with feelings of low self-worth. I had two young children and psychologically and financially I felt overwhelmed. I came to the realisation that the only person who could help me recover was myself, it was within my power, and I had the right tools! I studied and attended many seminars for more than twenty years and slowly  began to feel like my old self again. This experience has empowered me, and I want to help others to regain their self-confidence and feel like they can achieve what they want to in life. I know that if I can do it anyone can!    

This has not been a straightforward career path! I have worked in various roles, most recently I have worked in the social care sector as I have always wanted to help others. Working with autistic children and their relatives as well as other vulnerable individuals has made me far more empathetic as a person. My experiences in my personal and professional life have made me a far more proficient life coach. Whilst working in social care I decided to complete my training as a life coach and I am now taking the plunge, so to speak! I am excited about this new chapter in my life and I am finally able to devote my time to what I always loved to do, and I am really thrilled. 

I love to support individuals regain their self-confidence and make positive changes in their lives regardless of their background or perceived social status. This is what makes me unique as a life coach. I think life has become far too complicated, I simply want to do what my role suggests: coach people in their own lives so that they feel supported in whatever they may or may not want to do or change in order to become the Best Version of themselves!

Why Work With Me

Believe me, I have been there, done that and got the picture – more than once! Life is far simpler than we believe. We can be our own worst enemy at times, unknowingly. When we are encountering problems in our lives, we often make things even more complicated and we then feel things are overwhelming or inaccessible. I will help you realise that with a little support and encouragement you can face anything and overcome it.

Be empowered to improve the way you see yourself and others around you. Learn how to do what is best for you. Move forward with your life without regrets. Do not allow regrets prevent you from improving the quality of your life. No matter how difficult your life may be right now, there is always a solution. Confidence Boosting Sessions are designed to give you the clarity of mind and also the necessary push that you need to keep moving.

I firmly believe that we all have what it takes to improve our lives, no matter what our present situation is. When life throws us a lemon, then we should make lemonade. Only by being able to open our minds can we be more receptive to learn how to transform life’s problems into something positive. 

I will help you realise that with a little support and encouragement you can face anything and overcome it

I am here to help you to achieve your goals, so you can become the best version of yourself. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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