11 Steps for Creating a Compelling Future Despite the Pandemic

  1. Evaluate Your Initial Response.
  2. Identify the Needs to Be Satisfied
  3. Laser focus your Mind on your target goals in a “Daily” Basis. 
  4. Define Your True Purpose in Life.
  5. Find Multiple Ways to Achieve Your Life’s Purpose.
  6. Use Your Mind to Create Change in Yourself.
  7. Create a simple and do-able plan for a Compelling Future.
  8. Use Your Imagination in a Daly Basis.
  9. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.
  10. Understand the Side Benefits of Being in Despair.
  11.  Always Give Your Best, and Remember You are NOT alone!
19 Easy Steps to Help You Overcome Lack of Confidence in Your 50s and beyond.

Finding Reason and Purpose in Life despite of the pandemic

You can find reason and purpose in everything if you open your mind to see it. The same principle applies in life, you must stop fighting yourself! Simply give your best and let go. This will enable you to have new experiences and adventures as allowing them to happen. You may be fearful at the beginning but despite your fears and inhibitions, you need to do it anyway! Be Kind to Yourself and do not expect perfection from yourself or others around you. We all are learning from our own mistakes so, be patient, and keep your mind open to learn new things. Take the time you need to improve your life’s skills. Rome wasn’t built in one day. Bring some Love and passion into the task. Researchers shown that we all learn quicker when we are passionate about what we do.

Be Willing to leave your Comfort Zone and Take the first Step no matter how difficult it may look like

When you are afraid of learning something new, take the first step anyway, no matter how difficult it seems to be. Sooner than you realise you will be mastering the subject. By taking the first step you are allowing yourself to learn from your mistakes. No worries if you keep making mistakes, who doesn’t? Babies fall so many times before they learn how to use they legs to walk, then sooner than we expect they start running around the house.

Remember; if you are not making any mistakes, it means you are not learning anything new. So, do not be afraid of making mistakes, because the only way to learn anything is by making mistakes and learning from them. Know and understand that it’s time to resolve your internal conflicts and awaken your loving and creative power. I strongly believe that we all have powerful tools within ourselves, and “you are not an exception”. Thank God for that!!! One of the best ways to use your inner power is by using the power of imagination to see life as it would be seen if you listened only to your better self. 


The Need to Control the outcomes can prevent your Self-Growth

According to Mental Health researchers around the world; “Your need to control the outcome of the events in your live means you are avoiding change or are avoiding attempting a new challenge”. To change your own world, you need to change the way you think about it. For example, you may be fearful about the next decision you have to make, because you will have to go through the whole agonising process of change once again, clearly, this is not a positive situation. However, if you try and visualise how you would feel after the change or decision, your mindset will be altered.

Find a Reason and Purpose in Your Life Regardless the difficulties you may be facing right now.

Imagine you have been offered a new job. You would have a great opportunity to meet new people, to learn new ways of doing things, to experience a completely different work atmosphere, and enhance your existing experience. Think of it as a new adventure rather than a very hard challenge to overcome. It can be scary to put your ideas out into the world by talking about them to others, however, speaking about your ideas can enable you to gain valuable insight from others and enable you to clarify your intentions to make something happen. The intention is a very powerful tool in creating something you want to happen in your life!

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Take Advantage of the Extra Time We Have due to Covid-19

How can you take advantage of the extra time that many of us are still have at home due to the process of settling down into our “new normal”? As humans, we all have the capacity to triumph in the face of all kinds of adversity. Relationships have the power to make us feel happy or miserable. I sincerely hope this article offers you practical tools for handling the issues you may be facing regarding your relationships or the way you view and deal with the difficulties. And it’s also very helpful to remember that you are not in this alone, ‘we are in it all together, Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate anyone. In one way or another, we all are affected by the Global pandemic regardless of where we live and who we are.

Our Choices and Habits Are Provisional Vehicles for Meeting our Needs

Especially as we all have already developed our own daily routine, we often forget that we have made choices and developed habits which are not in line with the restrictions that are still being imposed on all of us around this beautiful planet. Often, it’s only through a crisis like the one we all are facing right now which has brought radical changes that we are able to realise that our choices and habits are provisional vehicles for meeting our needs. We have many other alternatives that can be revisited and expanded for long-term happiness, to prevent our mental health suffering. No one really knows exactly when our lives will be back to the old normal or even if it will be possible anyway. But we all know for sure that regardless the outcomes we must keep moving towards our best-selves, so we can be there for each-other.

Meanwhile, we all must acknowledge that it’s advisable to build the habit of making wise decisions and focusing only on those things that we are driven to make happen, so we do not feel overwhelmed. We need to heed still the government’s guidelines so we can all help to keep ourselves and others as safe as we possibly can. 

Cloe Madanes ‘psychologist’, has given the following advice: “the secret for turning a crisis into an opportunity for growth is to recognise your pain as a growing pain, the kind of pain that is unavailable but can be used to reassess your life, to strengthen and develop new ways of meeting your needs, so you can again experience happiness and take joy in the happiness of others.

Growing as a Person trough adversity

Of course, it’s not necessary to experience a crisis to grow. We all experience trials, but our choice in how we react to them makes a huge difference. Sometimes an individual will succumb to feelings of helplessness and misery resort to drugs, alcohol, or another self-destructive habit. Or he might become depressed, and almost revel in his depression, feeling it’s what the world has inflicted upon him. When this occurs, all his relationships are in jeopardy. What is it about depression that makes it easier to stay in this mindset than to change? Why is it that when you are in mourning, in despair and misery, it feels comfortable and almost impossible to crawl out of? When you are in pain you may have to work harder to see your options in life to explore what is truly available to you and then find a direction that will bring meaning and purpose back to your life. By: Cloe Madanes “Psychologist”

Find Healthier Ways to Bring Meaningful Purpose and Direction into Your Life

Whatever your loss, the best cure for grief is to stop focusing on yourself and help others, be generous with your love, and focus on contribution, and life purpose. It’s a matter of stopping panic, climbing out of despair, and finding what you value more than your pain and loss.”

If Things are Constantly Changing, what is preventing you to Change and Become the Best Version of Yourself?

Now, we all need to work on our mental health more than ever. Do not feel afraid to make important changes in your life. We all have something that we need to improve in our personality and especially in the way we see or face big challenges. There is no need to feel embarrassed about it, instead of feeling embarrassed what about if you be aware of the need to change, acknowledge and embrace your need to grow with love, discipline, and determination, by focusing only on your desired outcome. Then as you see yourself moving forward with your life, it will be naturally encouraged and motivated to feel impelled to make further changes. Things changes, nothing remains the same so why shouldn’t you?

Positive Thoughts and Positive Emotions have a Great Power in the Process of Changing Your Life

Reinventing ourselves requires changes and it should come more naturally when we stop focusing on what others around us may do or think of us. You need to give yourself permission to grow, to become more tolerant and sympathetic towards yourself and others around you. Naturally, we all recognise the need not only to practice positive thinking but also to be around positive people. Why not be the one who everybody finds enjoyable to be around? Positive thinking is a very refreshing activity and helps our body to release serotonin and endorphins which are the hormones of happiness. Positive thinking stimulates our immune system, and it is exactly what we all need right now.

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