8 Steps To Protect Yourself When Things Go Wrong

If only we all had the power to look behind the masks in each other. We all put one on from time to time to protect ourselves or so that we can be accepted in a certain group of people.

Then we would be envious of no one. We would pity them rather than envy them. We use this type of mask so that we can be accepted by our family, friends, schoolmates, or work colleagues.

Time to Time We all have to Wear a figurative Mask to Protect Ourselves from people around us

I fully agree that there are a lot of liars out there wearing this kind of mask almost all the time with the objective of seducing or deceiving others, but I’m not referring to that kind of mask. This article is focused only on the masks that we all have been forced to wear as a protection from time to time. For example: our boss is being rude and disrespectful to us.

If we answered him the same way we’d lose our job, so we pretend it didn’t happen and try to survive. Another very common example: we don’t like someone, but we have to co-exist with them because we work/live together/are in the same sports team etc. And the list is endless……..

So instead of swallowing the insults what can we do to improve the situation and keep both our job and our self-esteem?

  1. Recognise that no one should be treated like that, whether inside or outside the workplace.
  2. You need to decide how you wish to be treated.
  3. Think of what you could say or do without compromising your dignity.
  4. Then think of a good time to say, do, or write it.
  5. In other words, formulate a plan. Do not blurt out your grievances in anger. This will only aggravate matters for You not for the other person.
  6. If necessary, do research to find out what is really going on. Write it down as a memo to yourself, not to anybody else.
  7. Never delete anything in writing, print copies and keep a folder at home for evidence.
  8. Keep calm at all times.

Hope this article helped you boost your confidence.

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