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17 Easy Steps to Help you Be Confident in Your 50s and Beyond.

Whatever led you to read this article, your chances of success will increase many times over. Are you willing to find new and simple ways to increase your passion for life? tIf the answer is a big YES then this article id definitely for YOU! Start implementing what you are just about to learn, It’s straightforward and very easy to put into practice. “We judge ourselves by our intentions Others judge us by Our Actions” (The Disney Institute).

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The Power of Self-Believe

  1. No matter how low your self-confidence may be right now, always convince yourself that you actually Believe You Can Do what it takes to Boost Your Confidence, Believing you have what it takes to boost your confidence is crucial, because Self-Believe is the foundation of anything you do. Self-Believe is what will keep you going when others knock you back, and Believing In Yourself will definitely help keep you going when you feel tired or lack in energy. It will also help you overcome unexpected obstacles. The ability to believe you have what it takes “to take your life to the next level” will help you see your challenges as opportunities to self-growth/Self-Development, and an amazing opportunity to positive changes in your life. Self-Believe will encourage and motivate you to make the changes that you always wanted but when you were younger, you were just too afraid of hurting others’ feelings.

Always Look to the Future and Learn From Past Mistakes.

2. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in regrets about what should be. Learn to see past mistakes as valuable life lessons. Detach yourself from (the words: Should, shouldn’t, always will). Replace them with: I can, I have what it takes, I am open and receptive to broaden my knowledge and learn the skills you need to become the truest and the best version of yourself. Replace your negative thinking with: (I am willing, open, and receptive to learn new skills so I can overcome any challenges) that I may come across during my self-growth journey), and I am having fun and laughing along the process. In the journey of becoming the best version of yourself, “everything goes much smoother” if you believe you can have great fun and joy during the process of self-growth. Start by giving yourself permission to make mistakes and be willing to learn from your own mistakes. Nobody can take his life to the next level without making mistakes, mistakes are there for a reason, and the main reason is for us to learn from them. Our ability of learning from past mistakes leads us to improve whatever we need to improve in all areas of our lives. The lessons from the passed mistakes make us stronger. We become wiser and more tolerant towards ourselves and others around us.

Fuel Your Creativity

3. Your creativity increases during the learning process, because there’s always something to learn from mistakes. Be always your authentic self and allow yourself to make mistakes. Be consciously aware of the importance of not taking the learning process in a negative way, contrary, now that you are allowing yourself to learn from your mistakes, you will be finding it much easier than you first thought. Now that you have the ability of seeing mistakes as a great learning curve, be always willing to learn new skills, and implement the positive things that you are learning.

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Be There For Yourself

4. Invest in yourself and spend some quality time on your own, aiming to Know who you really are from inside out. Knowing yourself very well will increase your confidence, energy, and motivation to do what it takes to boost your confidence in order for you to take your life to the next level no matter your life’s challenges.

Be Your Truest-Self, and Let Your Uniqueness Shine

5. Know exactly what makes you different from others, we all are unique, keep your Uniqueness alive, no one can be you, only you can be You, be genuinely You. Being genuine will help others to understand and support you when you need help. Know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can start planning Your Future. Prepare and set things right before you get started with your “Confidence Boosting project”. Acknowledge that to get something that you never had, you must be ready and willing to do what you never done, because you know that: “Where Your Awareness goes Energy Flows!

Embrace Your Life Stage With Confidence and Dignity

6. Don’t be afraid of getting older. Instead, Be Afraid Of Wasting your Life with things that no longer serve you.

7. Pour your belief into the practical structure of Transforming your life into a very meaningful and fulfilling life. , state your objectives, and also remember to include a strategy and a time frame for achieving your goals.

8. Don’t waste your precious energy and time with things that you can not change or are out of your control.

9. Focus only on things that you can change such as figuring out what you really really want or need in order to overcome a lack of confidence.

10. Spend as much time as you possible can focusing only on how You Can Implement Your New Learnings.

11. Be open and receptive to embrace new learnings and new skills and be Willing to Implement them in all areas of your life.

Choose Your Company Wisely

12. Make sure you spend most of your time in the company of people who want to succeed and want you to succeed too. Be aware that not everyone has a “can-do” attitude and you may be too easily discouraged by those who are negative about you or your chances of success. Avoid people who undermine your ambitions or people who are happy for you to stay the way you are because if you change for the better it would threaten their status quo. Be as Brave as you possibly can and do yourself a massive favor: Follow Your Dreams and start living today as if your dreams are already a reality!

Be Brave, Be You!!!

13. Learn how to Identify who is able to help you and who may make you feel even more confused and insecure. If you know someone who you believe has the skills to help you, approach them and ask them for their advice. Don’t get stressed if it takes you a while for you to see a positive change in your mindset, praise yourself for the small steps/changes that you managed to implement.

Be Laser-Like-Focused, Avoid distractions and Keep Your Focus on improving all areas of Your Life

14. Just as much as every journey begins with a destination and a road map. In life, your road map is your short, medium, and long-term goals. So if you are entering a new territory you will need to be prepared. Any good idea you may have right now will only become reality when there is a plan of action, and when that Action is implemented! Adopt an attitude of Laser-Like-Focus, and have a strong and personal drive to achieve your goals, because only by having a very clear vision for what you really really want from your life you can make the difference between success and failure. So, Get Ready to Do what you are learning right now and start your self-discovery journey.

Self-Awareness is the Key to Self-Improvement

15. Know exactly why you feel the need to change your Life. Know your Whats and Hows in order to clarify your mind. Do not hesitate to hire a life coach if you feel like you can not do it without help or if you find it overwhelming. I am an expert on Supporting Women Over 50, Boosting Self-confidence in Women Over 50, and helping them to achieve Radical and Transformational Confidence. Boosting Confidence Coaching Sessions can be individual sessions or a series of sessions or in small groups. It will depend on your choice or according to your needs. Even if you are unsure about exactly what to achieve from this session I have found clients find it comforting to speak to someone neutral about the feelings and circumstances they may be facing. You will be surprised by how strong you can be or feel when you have the right support. I am here to help you in an objective way and to help you short-cut your route to success.

Track Your Achievements, so You Are Aware of where You are at, and keep moving Forward anyway

16. On a scale of 1 to 10 where are you in relation to your life goals?One being very low and ten being the higher score.


Keep Your Thoughts as positive as you can, and use the guideline bellow to help you reset your thoughts. So you can be focused on the solutions rather than on the difficulties that you may be facing right now.

The Warning Signs of an unhealthy Mindset:The Signs of a very Heathy Mindset:
Doubts ability I Trust My Ability     
I can’t doI Can Do
I don’t careI Care Passionately
I am tiredI Feel Energised
Procrastination I am Determined to Take Action right now
I know all I need to knowI have so much more to learn and I Love learning new things
RigidI am an adaptable person
Only see obstaclesI am Constantly Seeking Solutions
I should   I Will
My Life’s full of problemsMy Life’s Full of opportunities to New Experiences and Self-Growth!!!


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